The Shannara Chronicles

The one-on-one working relationship with The Rebel Fleet and Moxion provided major innovations and efficiencies for our fast paced TV production schedule on The Shannara Chronicles.

Every question or concern was answered and addressed with the upmost attention. The ability for key crew and producers to have secure access to the multiple live feeds and/or playback function on their personal devices curbed continuity errors, allowed us to review more than one units at once… and as a Director, I appreciated that it reduced congestion around the monitors.  

They are revolutionizing workflow and listening to our needs on set.
— Brad Turner, Executive Producer and Director 

Ash Vs Evil Dead III

From day one we had a very capable, knowledgable and well organised team running Qtake, on-set monitoring and DIT. Having access to high quality images with accurate contrast and colour was imperative. Due to the number of set ups we were required to shoot daily, having their workflow was imperative to a fast, efficient and happy set.
— Ian McCarroll - 2nd Unit DOP Starz Ash Vs Evil Dead III

The Legend of Monkey

Pete Harrow was an absolute dream and every day I appreciated his work and his cheery personality was a joy in a difficult job. See Saw in the Sydney and London offices were very impressed with the Rushes access. Thank you for coming to the party and supporting MONKEY.

We love the Rebel Fleet!
— Janet McIver - UPM Netflix The Legend of Monkey

Power Rangers

If anyone is considering On Set Monitoring, DIT gear and services you would be crazy not to give the team at The Rebel Fleet a call.

On Power Rangers, with both Production and Camera crew happy with the equipment it allowed me to concentrate on lighting and camera movement. Over the 8 month shoot we seldom had a reason to contact The Rebel Fleet, but if we did have questions they were always quick to provide back up and support.

I fully recommend them and look forward to using them on my next shoot.
— Kevin Riley - Main Unit Cinematographer Power Rangers “Ninja Steel”