The Rebel Fleet makes every unit a main unit.

The Rebel Fleet’s digital workflows offer top film production companies total image control across multiple shooting units, faster turnarounds and more creative scope.

Color matching across devices.

With color matching across devices and accurate metadata, The Rebel Fleet offers features to on-location teams that they’d struggle to access, even in studio.

2018 Shark Thriller, The Meg [Warner Brothers Pictures and Gravity Pictures], relied on The Rebel Fleet to link their studio with the second unit on location at sea. They simultaneously shot – and matched – shots for the same scene. The second unit shot below-water angles, while the studio shot from above the water. Both Directors could view the other unit’s shots, ensuring the action matched perfectly.

“Cinematography begins in the imagination and is translated through the ‘eye’ of the camera. The Rebel Fleets precision and commitment enabled me to consistently achieve my vision with confidence.” says Jess Hall, Director of Photography for Ghost in the Shell.

Footage goes around the world in 90 seconds.

It takes just 90 seconds to beam in footage from anywhere in the world, locked down under the Trusted Partner Network (MPAA & CDSA) – approved security.

This means Producers, Directors and Directors of Photography (DOP) can see what’s happening on location without leaving the lot. This time saving comes with unprecedented oversight, ensuring Director, Producer and stakeholders know they have the quality shots they needed.

“They’re revolutionizing workflow,” says Brad Turner, Exec Producer and Director of The Shannara Chronicles.

Customization to suit.

The system’s flexibility means it can be fully customized to suit a specific shoot. Minimizing technological impact, maximizing creative freedom. For example, The Rebel Fleet recently deployed an on-location dailies suite, enabling the DOP to color grade the day’s footage before beaming it back to LA for editing.


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With The Rebel Fleet you’re across every shot, every location, everywhere in the world.