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scalable media management

Ideal for content companies, ad agencies and independent productions, Media Pilot is a scalable media-management solution that keeps the creators in control. With advanced Cloud infrastructure for archiving, organising and collaborating, Media Pilot takes head-aches (and hard-drives) out of the picture.


Media Pilot handles all of the logistics of media management, so you can stay focussed on the creative destination.

Lodge the job, book the dates, lock in deliverables, receive drop off information and gain access to our Private Cloud - all through one simple Portal.


Media Pilot is scalable and cost-effective. Expand or contract our services, based on your budget or other requirements.


Avoid forking out for your own servers and systems. Use Media Pilot as needed, freeing up resources for your growth areas.


Reduce the turbulence of your shoot with Media Pilot, bringing security and clarity to your working process.

Gain access to your own secure private cloud - a central hub to store all raw footage, sound media, reports, WIPS and more.


Stress less, with all your media backed-up, archived, verified, sound-synced and rendered for Editorial.


Keep your focus fixed on the creative details - not the technical ones. With our infrastructure and expertise across your media, you keep your focus on what matters.


Media Pilot keeps the services in play until the final deliverable and beyond, keeping you in control as you stick the landing.

Share access throughout with editors, colourists, sound, Post and more - easily accessible through our collaborative Cloud infrastructure.


Avoid scouring harddrives for specific shots. Request the camera files you need and have them delivered in an instant.


We archive everything to dual LTOs, stored in separate locations for up to two years. 

Create a flight plan for all the technical aspects of your shoot. Get in touch

Producer, Mulan

“The Rebel Fleet has the most effective and efficient toolset of any company in the world. [They] single-handedly streamlined our data flow, increased the quality of our creative decision making, and saved us valuable time and money in the process. Plus, they are genuinely good people who care about the work and are a pleasure to spend time with.”


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