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The ideal production process is different for every job. We help filmmakers quickly find theirs. Through Konsol, we optimise your workflow for the entire process, setting your technical parameters and laying the pipeline for your metadata. We pair you with the right equipment solution for your shoot - matched for your budget, shoot location and any extra requirements. The work we do here saves filmmakers time, money and sanity down the line. 

CTRL in the thick of it.

When it comes to production, we prefer to keep the drama onscreen. We smoothly manage productions of all scopes and scales, with expertise and equipment on-hand to handle any and every curveball. With Konsol collecting, collating and reporting data throughout, our process is designed to streamline your entire shoot - giving creators the freedom to just create. 

CTRL in the home stretch.

With us, Post is where the magic happens - not the meltdowns. From all the learnings Konsol gathers along the way, we build smart, swift workflows that save both man-hours and brainpower. We can handle Post in-house, or funnel all media and metadata to a Post house of your choosing. We can even send pop-up Post services to you out in the field. 

Hire all the technical equipment you need, already optimised to The Rebel Fleet’s workflow, minimising the technological impact, maximising creative freedom.

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