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How renowned TV comedy producers Kevin & Co tackled the challenges of their fast-paced, inventive industry with Media Pilot.

A comprehensive, scalable media-management solution, Media Pilot revolutionised Kevin & Co’s workflow, streamlined operations and maximised their success. Here we explore how the whole package came together with our help.

The Challenge

Kevin & Co specialises in producing TV comedy series. The company’s success in delivering acclaimed shows like Taskmaster NZ, New Zealand Today, Stephen Colbert’s Newest Zealander and Raised by Refugees led to heightened demand. Running hard to keep up with that demand had downsides, however. A succession of assistant editors, all with their own back-up practices, meant data was stored across various drives and the company’s servers were congested with current and past productions. A clear data management plan was an urgent requirement, including a structured way to handle data across future productions.


The Solution

We could see that our Media Pilot offering would be a transformative solution for Kevin & Co. By immediately backing up all existing shows to LTO tape, Media Pilot freed up valuable server capacity and established a clear and organised archive. This comprehensive media-management system ensured seamless operations throughout the production process.

The Impact

Jess Lockie, Kevin & Co’s Line Producer, is clear about the positive and immediate impact Media Pilot had on their business:

“Two big things for me are knowing that everything is uploaded properly and that there’s no missing footage. That’s huge peace of mind. Then it’s all popped into a folder that appears, magically, on our server. Dunno how it happens but, it’s magic!”

Ben Winter, Head of Post at Kevin & Co adds another positive.

“Yes, it really takes away the stress. And it buys us so much time. Time right from the start of a project, with no waiting for footage to be backed up and ready to go. It’s just all there at the end of the day’s shooting, ready for the morning. It also gives time at the end, where you can move straight on to the next project. Otherwise, without Media Pilot, you’d be stuck archiving and backing-up.”

How Media Pilot works
for Kevin & Co

Media Pilot efficiently processes multiple camera formats, accommodating shows with up to 25 hours of footage per day. While here at The Rebel Feet we manage backup and archive of camera media, Kevin & Co receive only the necessary editorial media, preventing their servers from filling up rapidly. This optimisation enables them to undertake more projects using their existing infrastructure.

A key advantage of Media Pilot for Kevin & Co has been its flexibility in adapting to different production scales and budgets.

“The Rebel Fleet has been very accommodating with our different budget sizes. They’ve come to the party and really helped us out,” says Jess.

Producers could easily expand or contract services based on project requirements, ensuring a cost-effective approach. Booking jobs through the user-friendly portal simplified the process even further.

Another part of the solution we put in place for the company was access to our finishing colourist, Erin Woolhouse. Erin is recognised for her exceptional attention to detail and high degree of professionalism, even under exceptional pressure. “Erin is just amazing,” enthuses Jess.

Head of post, Kevin & Co

So, a better result all round?
“Yes, 100%, I’m really enjoying our relationship with The Rebel Fleet.”

Kevin and Co.
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