Moviemaking at its most optimised

Meet your production’s new secret weapon. Konsol is a platform that collates, coordinates and distributes your production’s metadata, all from one central database.

Optimised moviemaking


Lay the foundation. Konsol helps you build the perfect pipeline for your production, setting your parameters from the jump. With a structured workflow, we maximise the efficiency and minimise the headaches.
Set up

Set up the camera pipeline to make sure all settings and parameters stay consistent and documented into post production.


Establish a metadata plan with corresponding departments to make sure all the required information makes it into Konsol with no fuss during the production process.


Build out your workflow documentation within Konsol, keeping track of all changes, new cameras and settings.


Work smarter, not harder. With metadata you can lean on, Konsol optimises your shoot window: lending more automation to your processes, more consistency to your execution, and more collaboration between your departments. 

Gain instant visibility over missing information or technical mistakes.


Keep tabs on where all your assets are for every step of the process.


Produce detailed reports throughout production, uniquely customisable for every department.


Time to reap the rewards. With all the production metadata on hand, Konsol turns Post into a seamless, streamlined machine. Bring precision to your third-party collabs and take the pain out of pick-ups.

Provide your editorial team with a meticulously arranged bin of all media and metadata.


Search your database and retrieve specific shots or frames - without digging through multiple reports.


Link VFX pipelines into the workflow, giving suppliers the exact specs and scope of their deliverables.

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